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Lucca and Surroundings

Lucca and its regal villas have always been a major attraction for international tourism in Tuscany. The city is located west of Florence, heading towards the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The city is full of splendid churches made of white Carrara marble, and surrounded by imposing city walls, where you can go for walks or follow along the cycling paths. The historic centre of Lucca is large and home to many beautiful noble palaces, as well as the magnificent square of the amphitheater, built on the edge of the original Roman amphitheater.

The church of San Michele is home to a splendid sculpture, made to adorn the tomb of Ilaria del Carretto, and perhaps the most valuable among the many treasures that this city offers. Another important landmark is the glorious Teatro del Giglio, which has always been at the center of the cultural and social life of Lucca.

The wealth of the city can also been found the numerous splendid shops and boutiques along the streets and alleys of the city. The most popular street in the city is the "Fillungo", which among others, is where you will find the historic "caffè Di Simo".

Once a month Lucca is also home to an important antique market that stretches through most of the historic centre of the city.

In September the charming "luminaria" takes place. The "luminaria" is a costume event, where a large number of people participate from all over Tuscany and many parts in Italy. This long procession takes place at night and for the occasion the electricity is turned off in the city and only the candlelight lights the city.

Between 1700 and 1800, Lucca was home to the Borbone family and some of the most important works of art that add to the city's artistic-architectural heritage, date back to this period. The presence of the regale family favored the presence of other important noble families of that period in the city, who in the surrounding countryside, in particular near Marlia and Segromigno, built splendid Patrician villas. Some of these villas can be seen, while others are rented for luxury holidays, in an atmosphere of great charm echoing the splendor the country holidays of the noble families from the past. Whereas, other villas can be rented for weddings, meetings and events.

The very famous Versilia Coast is located in the province of Lucca. The most northern stretch of the Tuscan coastline, stretches north of Viareggio to include one of the most glamorous seaside resorts of the Mediterranean: Forte dei Marmi, famous since the early 1900s as a popular destination for  intellectuals and important entrepreneurs. Forte dei Marmi is today a major attraction for international tourism, recently discovered by tourists coming from the countries of the former Soviet Union. The other towns on the Versilia coast that overlook this stretch of the Tyrrhenian Sea are: Pietrasanta, Camaiore and Massarosa, with their respective beaches and marinas.

Another destination to be noted is Montecarlo di Lucca. A medieval hamlet, famous for its white wine which is in fact named after the village, and which has been experiencing a period of revival and affirmation , as a high quality wine.

The most unspoiled area in the province of Lucca is undoubtedly the Garfagnana, with Barga and Castelnuovo Garfagnana certainly being the two most representative and important..

Among the local sweets to be found in the area, we would like to mention the Buccellato, a sweet bread with raisins and candied fruit, and the herbs cake, which is a cake where the filling is made with beets.

Lucca and its surrounding countryside are an ideal destination for those who want to discover Tuscany.
In fact, Lucca is only 40 minutes from Florence, 20 minutes from the Versilia coast, half an hour from Pisa and is very well connected to the airports of Florence and Pisa, and the motorways.

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