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iCalendar availability export

VacaVilla webservice allows you to read the availability of each property using the iCalendar (ics) format.

The iCalendar format allows you to import the availability data into the most common calendar applications like iCal, Google Calendar, Lotus Notes, Yahoo Calendar, etc. of course you can write a parser (or use a pre made one) to import the villas availability into your system.

For more information on the format please read:


To access the iCalendar availability for each VacaVilla's vacation home you can use the following URL:[house_id]/calendar.ics

you must use the VacaVilla's house id (the number that follows our code ie. VV28474) in place of the [house_id] tag, for example:

this URL retrieve the availability in iCalendar format for the house VV28474.