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Developers F.A.Q.

To help you with the development of the VacaVilla XML API we have compiled this list of F.A.Q. , if you have further questions please contact us at developers(at)

How can i add your holidays villas to my website?

We are glad you want to work with us, the first thing you have to do is to get in touch with our agency department writing an email to: agency(at) then you will be able to discuss your sales commission and sign the collaboration contract.

In the meanwhile you can have a look to the technical side of the VacaVilla XML API reading the specific documentation. The XML API allows you to import our data in your website, or make queries in realtime and display the results to your users.

How does your XML API works?

Our XML solution is a very simple but complete system that allows you to add our selection of vacation villas to your website, it is designed as a webservice that you can query using standard http calls, each query has its own distinct reply in XML format.
Using the XML API you can build a complete website around our offer starting from the list of regions, zones and towns where our villas are located, to the full data of each of our vacation homes. 

If you want to know in detail how each query works simply read the specific documentation

I want import all of your data in my website, how can i do it?

If you want to add all of your houses to your website we have a special query in place build with this purpose:,amenities%3a1,pictures%3a1,prices%3a1,extraprices%3a1,calendar%3a1/api.xml

Using the HTTP request above you will receive a long list in XML format with the full data of every one of our vacation villas, it's a lot of data and quite a long query to process so give it the time to finish and when your solution is ready don't use it more than once a day.

To know the details of the request and each single data in the XML reply please refr to the full XML API documentation

Is there a way to update the availability calendar?

Our XML API provide a direct call to fetch the calendar for every one of our villas, you can read the calendar for a specific villa or request them in bulk and store them somewhere in your database.

To read the availability for a single villa use something like this:

the HTTP query above returns the availability calendar for the house VV30230, if you want to retrieve all the availability data use something like this:

the HTTP query above will return the availability for all of our villas.

If you want to know in detail how this queries work please refer to the full XML API documentation

Can i make bookings on your system?

Unfortunately at the moment we don't have any query that allows you to book a house straight on our system, so once you have completed our data integration to send us bookings you can choose any of these three methods:

  • Send an email with the booking detail to booking(at) specifying the name and code of the villa, the requested period, first name and last name of the client, number of people, if the client is carrying any pet and any other important information (like the need for a baby bed or any delay in arrival and so on...)
  • Send a fax with the same informations as the email to the phone number: +39 0577 1656675
  • Add the booking by yourself with our agency control panel that you can find logging to with the username and password that we have provided after the contract signing.

I want to "cherry pick" specific villas to display on my website, can i do it?

Of course you can, we provide you all of our data, but you are free to filter out the villas you are not interested in, to make this job easier for you we have developed our "searchhouses" query that it's our search engine in XML format, have a look to the XML api documentation to find out how you can use the "searchhouses" query to filter our database.

If you want you can also pick the houses one by one writing down their house ID and use the "viewhouse" query to retrieve the data for each of your chosen villas.

How do I find out the property ID?

You have two different ways to find out the property ID (that you must use if you want to retrieve the data for a single property) :

  • Use the http query to retrieve the list of property you need, the "searchhouses" query it's quite flexible and allows you to specify different parameters to filter our database of holidays villas, in the reply you will receive the the property ID together with other relevant data
  • If you just want to import a few selected villas you can have a look to our website, both in the search result page and in the single villa display page you will find the house ID just below the house name, it's the code that uses the format VV000000, simply remove the VV in front of the number, what remains is the house ID